My earliest memory of food has to do with the father of a friend who worked as a chef for the train station in Amsterdam. We were 11 or 12 and we’d walk to his work for the French Fries he made.

I remember thinking I wanted to be just like him, a chef.

I did go to Culinary School but only because I wanted to be a dietician. I completed the 2 required years and went on to my apprenticeship. I lasted 1.5 years in that and at 18 found myself without a job and unable to get a diploma.

I moved on, got a degree in Child Development and moved to France at age 25 with my fiance. Lyon the capitol of food was where we lived for a few years and where I found my palate and became a bit of a food snob.

We moved to California in 1989 and settled into a new cuisine. One I did not care for much and I became very good at trying to recreate the foods I loved.

Over the years I’ve cooked meal after meal for my family which now includes Resident Teen who is almost 17 and Little Man who is almost 13. I’ve always had my “staples” of meals I could cook blindfolded. Recently however I’ve been thinking about teaching simple yet amazing meals to others.

These are good, down to earth, clean your plate recipes that at first glance seem hard but are simple. I don’t cook low-fat and try to stay away from white carbohydrates.
I do offer suggestions for side dishes if you happen to have a carb load type of family member.


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  1. Jan
    Sep 21, 2010 @ 05:48:25

    Very looking forward and I am sure it will be a huge succes!! 🙂


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