Under Water.

A few months ago one of my dance friends brought chicken to a potluck.
It was super tasty, not dry and every one loved it.
I asked C. how she managed to get it this way and she told me it was done “Sous Vide”, with vacuum under water.
After that day I started to read up on it and was intrigued.
I had a lovely chat with her husband about it a few weeks later and REALLY wanted a Sous Vide machine.
But, BUT, BUT!!!!!!! that would be another appliance in the kitchen taking up space. Was it worth it?

So I did my usual hemming and hawing and shelved the idea.
I did keep reading about the cooking method and then found that you can buy a stick that you could add to any pan and get the same results.
I had a Target gift card left so I decided to at least look at it.
videThey had one on sale, but it was still $140 and I was a bit hesitant. But it would fit in the cabinet and not sit on the counter so I decided to go for it.
I started walking to the registers when my phone rang. I set my box down on an endcap.
After I hung up I saw a box, with a Sous Vide machine. On SALE!
If I applied my card the total price would be $24 plus tax. It originally was $144!
I don’t know why it was discounted so much, it has all it’s parts and is in working order.
My Dutch heart was very happy because now I felt it was justified due to the low price.

The picture explains it best.


So far I’ve made chicken twice, pork chops twice and am going to make a salmon dish tonight.


Fast forward a few weeks to September and I’m in love.
The salmon was a big MEH but since then I dove into Filet Mignon ( divine) Pork Tenderloin, more steak cuts and some more pork (Cordon Blue) and chicken.
The two only “failed” things were poached eggs and a cut of steak that became well done. It was tasty but I like my meat a little more red.

Next up is Risotto, yes you can make that Sous Vide!, and some sort of white fish.

Recipes and pictures soon to follow because right now my  phone is not talking to my computer.

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