It’s been awhile…

Yes I dropped off the blog after Thanksgiving.

I have been very busy with planning our trip to the Netherlands, I’ve been trying to get a grasp on what I want my next 6 months to look like and I’ve been “care giver” of a kind to a friend who was dealt a nasty hand this month.

The whole allergy thing hasn’t been settled, turns out you need to be free of whatever tried to kill you for a month.
That month ends today,testing is at 13:30 (1:30 for the Americans)
I’m still rooting for peanuts but have decided if it is shrimp/shell fish I will go through the weekly torture allergy shots, because I live in sushi/crab land!

I promise to get back here and blog, at least every other day.
Until then, search the 2+ years of foods that are on the blog.
Make something and comment!!!!

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