Spicy Baby

In anticipation for a Graduation party this weekend I decided to clean my kitchen up and get rid of broken plastic cups as well as other small clutter that tends to amass there.
My cleaning faeries had been here Wednesday prior so it was surface clean.
I was ruthless, the kitchen is not terribly cluttered but what was I going to do with 2 metal tins that were empty?
How about the Bazillion spices that were holding a cabinet hostage?
I had brand new Penzey’s spices cluttering up my sideboard that needed to go somewhere.


I have to backtrack here a little to when I was younger and my brother and I would make “recipes” by mixing my mom’s spices together.
I remember being scolded over wasting good spices.
It was such fun though!
Once I was an adult and living in the US I started collecting spices, as a result my spice cabinet is to the brim.
I never throw anything out either, it feels as if I’m truly wasting the spices if I do.

The staples such as salt and pepper, nutmeg and paprika we go through pretty fast.
The more exotic spices linger for much longer.
I have spices that span a few countries, mostly Asian, Indian or Indonesian.
As a result opening the spice cabinet is a little trip to a different country with lovely smells all mixed together.
But I have new spices, spices that are more “American” such as Shallot Pepper and Shallot Salt.
This company is a Genius!
Shallot anything makes me happy.
They had to bring in more shallots at my local grocery store because I was buying it all up.
2 little heads of shallots lasts one meal in this house and they were not cutting it with 4 on the shelf.
I would feel bad if I bought it all at one time so one day I just asked and now they carry at least a pound or two worth.

I tackled the cabinet and here is the result, the new spices are contained and not allowed to mingle with the older spices just yet.
I couldn’t throw too much away because I need to figure which is oldest or used the least.
Lemon pepper however was the first to go together with a very suspicious bag of marshmellows no doubt put there by Himself.
Yummy, Curry flavored sugar!


I think a trip to the organizational store is in order.

And is it ever ok to throw out salt?
It seems I have 3 containers, don’t use that anymore.
Because after all, isn’t it bad luck?

Bad luck will follow the spilling of salt unless a pinch is thrown over the left shoulder into the face of the devil waiting there.

Enjoy your weekend!

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