Damn you hackers!

Sunday night I got a warning that the email address that is connected to my blog was accessed from Poland.

Trusting Gmail I thought nothing of it until Monday morning when I wanted to blog. I could not log in to WordPress or my Gmail account, at all. 

With a bit of juggling and the help of the home tech support ( my 14 year old son) I got into gmail only to find the hackers had used my email account to send out bogus emails, requesting quotes for lighting a graveyard from a lighting company based in England. In the reply from the “company” was conveniently a link to click.

I have no doubt the link would have led to a virus, or worse, a way to hack the computer of whomever clicked the link to find out what the he!! the email was about. 

All is well with the email address but if you receive an email from the blog that just looks weird….do NOT click the link! As it is I would never send out email or links to my readers unless they have requested something special.

That said, if you have gmail take the time to change your password. I now have 2 logins going, one a new password and the other is a code that gets sent to my phone.

I highly suggest you get the 2nd log-in, since my debacle from yesterday I’ve heard of 2 more people and their gmail being hacked.

I’ll be back on Thursday with a recipe, tomorrow is Wednesday Funny cartoon.

Take care, and now go change that password.




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