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While I was away mulling as to what I wanted to do with this blog, yet again, I walked into Goodwill in search of a Halloween costume for TallOne, Himself and I.

The theme of the party we are going to is “Any Tim Burton” Movie, so TallOne and GigglesALot his GirlFriend are going as Alice and the Mad Hatter and to make things easy Himself and I will go as the two main characters of BeetleJuice (maybe) Anyhow, I walk out of Goodwill with a food dehydrator.



A bit skeptical because of the price, $21.59 for a appliance that normally retails for $90’ish? But in the box it was clean and looked hardly used.

According to the booklet apples were the first thing to try so I followed the recipe word for word and started my first batch of dried fruit.
The machine makes no noise but it did, after 8 hours and some hand smacking (TallOne), it produced a small batch of dried apples.
very small batch, but they tasted nice and dried and tart.
Last night I started a second batch of apples coated in cinnamon to dry overnight.
Only to find out this morning that Himself had pulled the plug on the machine and all my work from last night went into the garbage this morning.

This morning I prepped a Star Fruit.


Not wanting to stop there I looked around and found an orange.
(what was that doing in my house?)



Then, because I could, I decided to experiment with oranges with or without the rind.
The rinds are being dried as well.


Whoever owned the dehydrator was a lot more organized than me, it has numbers!



According to the recipe booklet there is 16 hours of drying ahead for the oranges so stay tuned to hear how it went.

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