Pumpkins and Squash, oh my!

We joined a Community Sustained Agriculture Farm (CSA) delivery service last year.
Most of the time I remember to go on to their website the weekend before the delivery date but this Sunday I completely flaked and forgot to change my order.
So then you get what is seasonal, a total surprise most of the time.
In my box this week were 2 pumpkins, a squash the size of a small dog, a jumbo leek, celery, kiwi’s and 7 pears.


Clearly this called for a big knife. The pumpkins were  the size of a soccer ball!

I love to make soup, so I decided to use the squash and pumpkins.
I tweaked a recipe my daughter sent me.

I’ll write out the recipe for less, this yielded enough soup for 2 big containers, 3 small and a square large container.


Curried Pumpkin Squash soup.

1 medium size pumpkin
1 squash
Medium onion
1/2 teaspoon thyme
Olive oil, for frying onion and drizzling over pumpkin/squash
1/2 cup white wine
1/2 to 1 teaspoon mild or medium spicy curry powder
1 teaspoon Tumeric powder
Salt and pepper to taste
Chicken or vegetable stock
2 tbs Heavy cream
1 tbs butter (optional)


Line cookie sheet with wax paper.
Preheat oven to 350f
Cut pumpkin in wedges, discard the seeds
Slice squash in half and then cut that half in another half
Place all on cookie sheet, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle salt and pepper  on
Bake on 350 until you can pierce veggies with a fork, turning them over halfway (it took me 50 minutes)

In a pan sauté the onions until caramelized, reduce heat and add wine and sage.
Lets simmer until almost reduced, add Tumeric.

Let the veggies cool off and then peel with a paring knife.
If you have a stick blender:
Add scooped veggies to the pan with the onions and add about 2 cups of broth.
Blend until smooth,adding more broth if needed.
If you do not have a stick blender use a regular blender and slowly add broth until your soup has the consistency of a slightly thick smooth liquid.
Taste and add heavy cream,curry powder, salt and pepper to taste.
Stir in the butter and garnish with a little splash of heavy cream.



Let’s see, since last we crossed paths I was going in for my allergy test.
It had been a full month since lunch tried to kill me.
I avoided certain foods that whole time, for no real reason it turns out.

Day of the test I brought in the egg rolls and the spring rolls.
8:30 in the morning with Himself and Dr. No in the room I took a tiny bite of each.
And waited.
Then NOTHING happened.
15 minutes later another bite, bigger this time.
Waited, and NOTHING happened.
9 am, another bite (bigger) and you guessed it. Nada, Zilch, Rien de Tout, Niks.
Dr. No left the room at 9:15 and Himself was getting restless as well.
Next dose I was getting ticked off so I took a way bigger bite of all the foods.
But 9:30 rolled around with not even a little cough or a tickle.
This is when Himself decided it was safe for him to go to work, leaving me alone to finish off the remainder of the food.
Which I did, with no effects whatsoever.
Dr. No returned and decided I was not allergic to anything I ate, have a nice day!

Since then I’ve added peanuts and other nuts to my food, ate crab at our recent crab feed but have avoided shrimp like the plague.
I have now, count em!, 4 Epi pens on me at all times.

I doubt I’ll ever find out what it was that made me go to the ER which in a way is a bit scary.
But I’m eating food and not letting it scare me.

Happy Sunday!

Swedish Chef is taking the day off.
I love Miss Piggy so she is taking over the blog post with a very 80’s clip.
Raise your hand if you owned spandex like in the clip!


Swedish Chef Tackles Coconut

I never know how to open them either.
Would it be handy to have a machete in the house just for coconuts?

H2O anyone?

For years I’ve had to take medication for a dead thyroid right at the crack of dawn.
I was very happy with my big 12 ounce glass with lid until DizzyIzzy my 85 pound Bouvier des Flandres decided to take matters in her thirsty paws and knock it off the bed side table.
I then started using a plastic cup with a straw. However we are experiencing the worst ant invasion in many years and I woke up one morning to many ants taking a dip in my cup.

At a recent shopping trip to Target I found this

With the cup taken off.

My love for Matrushka dolls dates back to my parents having one and when I was little I played with it and my Girl shares the same fondness.
So far I’ve used it for over 2 weeks and no swimming ants.

Here are a few more hydrating ways.

Poor snowman!

Love this one and might have to get it soon.

All products from Fredandfriends.com

Wednesday, brought to you by Bacon!

Show your love for bacon with this t-shirt!

Start the love of bacon when they are young with a bacon lovey!

Bacon lollipops anyone?

Don’t know if I want to attract every dog in the neighborhood.

All products can be found at http://www.thinkgeek.com/

An easy garden.

My local hardware store was selling wooden boxes with herbs and vegetables planted in them.
But they were pricey and at $40 not going home with me.
The idea was genius though,tomatoes, basil,jalapeno peppers and oregano.

In the place where clutter resides garage I had a rubbermaid tote that was lacking a lid.
I filled it with soil and planted cherry tomatoes, basil, parsley, oregano and a mystery chili pepper.
Watered it and at first it wasn’t giving me a lot of produce but this last week the oregano has gone rogue and the cherry tomatoes are ripening at an alarming speed.

So far we’ve had a salad with the tomatoes and I made pistachio pesto.
This garden does need mostly sun, I estimate it has sun for at least 6 hours.
What I did not do, and must soon, is drill a hole or two in the bottom for drainage.
Himself hasn’t told me where he hides the power tools in the garage.
He says we have one but is probably unable to find it among the boxes that need saving.

Pistachio Pesto
Traditionally pesto is made with pine nuts. About a year ago I developed a terrible taste every time I ate something.
Everything tasted bitter.
Going over the food for the last days I googled some of my foods and finally did a search for “pine nuts bitter taste” and top of the search revealed 2 pages of links and the culprit being pine nuts indeed.
Apparently the pine-nuts I bought were from China and not really pine-nuts as we know them.


Since then I’ve been making pesto with nuts such as walnuts and pistachio’s.
I find the latter to work the best for flavor.

Here is the recipe, enjoy!

20 pistachio’s (it’s easier if they are shelled obviously)
2/3 cup good olive oil
2-3 cloves garlic
8-10 big basil leaves, or in my case 15 small
parmesan cheese (optional if you are dairy free)

Pistachios and half of the olive oil in the food processor until pistachio’s are almost ground (I’ve got one of those $10 small ones that work pretty good)
Add basil,garlic, salt and pepper to taste and rest of the olive oil. Mix until smooth.
If you want a thinner pesto drizzle some more olive oil in the food processor and mix well.
I either use this for pasta or with fish.
We had grilled salmon and it was pretty tasty!


Got to love gadgets.

Happy Monday!

This is cute enough for me to want to buy it, you could use it for jewelry too.

Talk about being in a hot spot!

If you ever wanted to join the circus as a knife thrower here is your daily practice.

I guess this is for those days when it’s too hot to lick your ice cream cone.

Not sure if it’s cute or ugly, but I guess if you like rabbits this is right up your alley.

Gadgets for Wednesday


Himself bought new pans a few years ago and although they are lovely and stainless steel the handles get bloody hot! 

I’m seriously thinking of buying these to save my hands!




This is just cute.


I can see someone with a rubber duck collection liking that.

Some days I feel like this before coffee, so this espresso maker fits right in!

Why a square egg makes sense, who knows. Maybe for the more OCD crowd?


Gadgets for the nerd in you (or someone else)

Mix a drink after a hard day at the lab!

For those of us who remember records!I’d cringe every time I’d put a drink on it.

Ps, today the blog powers to be would not let me properly caption the middle 2 pictures so here goes:
Lego Utensils for the kid in you, fully stackable.
Rubik’s cube salt and pepper shakers, wonder if my son would try to solve them?


(images from http://fredandfriends.com)

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