It’s Wednesday!


Swedish Chef Sunday, spice it up!

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


Countdown to Halloween

Every year a friend of mine throws the Halloween party of all parties.
She has published two books on anything Halloween decor and it’s amazing how much she does for just one night.
She makes all her own decor for the party, comes up with scary foods and drinks.

You can find her on
There is a lot to see on her website too.

We love her parties, and tonight is the night.

Britta has a contest for creepy food and I’m bringing some special deviled eggs.

Introducing Ogre eyes.

I think they’d be a hit at any party, but mostly so at a kid party!

Ogre Eyes
(I made 24)

12 hard boiled eggs
3 tbs mayonaise
1 tbs plain yogurt
salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp garlic
green food coloring
12 pimento olives

Cut eggs in half lengthwise and take yellow out and put in a separate bowl
Combine eggs yolk, mayo, yogurt, salt,pepper and garlic until you get a smooth mixture.
Add food coloring 4-5 drops at a time stirring in between until you get the color green you like.
I used “Neon” food coloring and got a pleasing lime green.
Cut olives in half on the wide side.
Fill egg white halves with egg mixture
Place an olive piece in the yolk part, pressing lightly to slightly immerse the olive

I used a few dashes of hot sauce to stimulate blood shot eyes for the picture. It’s my intention to offer it on the side.


A very careful transport by the way, these guys are slippery.

Swedish Chef Sunday

Chef and Cleo Lane, she is amazing.


Wednesday Funnies.

I’ve been away from the blog a little bit.
Seems like from time to time I need to regroup and find new material.
I want to keep bringing you tasty food and silly gadgets.

It’s been pretty busy in my home-life lately. Despite losing my primary part-time job I’ve been filling in here and there at the customer support side of the company.
It’s been a mixed bag to be frank but it supports the yarn habit.

I added volunteer work to the mix, 20 years ago I volunteered for a year at an educational farm as a farm guide and right after I was let go there was an ad on the radio asking for new volunteers.
I applied and I’ve been there for 4 weeks now, first 2 weeks training and now leading little groups of pre-k to kindergarten around.
I teach them about the food and plants in the garden and we visit all the farm animals.

Added to that is the fact that starting next week I head into entertaining territory. First BubbleWrapBoy (he really needs a new nickname) will turn 15. Then there’s Halloween and before you know it Thanksgiving!

I’m going to leave you with two funnies, all about bacon.

See you soon!

Happy Sunday!

Swedish Chef is taking the day off.
I love Miss Piggy so she is taking over the blog post with a very 80’s clip.
Raise your hand if you owned spandex like in the clip!


Happy Wednesday

My kind of math!

Happy Wednesday!

If only this was possible!

Keeping it cool.

I need to drink water but it gets so boring and keeping the water cold is a task.
Here are some commercial ideas.


Music notes

Frozen Science


And here are two ideas I used last week.

Swedish Chef Sunday

Seems he can’t catch a break with his food.

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