Oh Happy Day!

When Himself and I lived in France every year around this time the mailman would come by on his moped and with the mail would deliver our calendar for the year.
On it besides the dates were the names of the Saints that were to be celebrated on that given day of the year.
In France you have your birthday and your Saints Day.
Mine is January 21st and my Saint is Saint Agnes (she died young, poor kid)

When we moved to the US I learned that every day is dedicated to “something” either food related or wacky.

December 16th is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day in the USA.
My friend Gail asked me to come up with a recipe for this glorious day and I poked around the internet and found the most delightful recipe I can truly stand behind.
Dark Chocolate dipped Clementines (Mandarin Oranges) with sea-salt.
Part fruit, part chocolate what is not to love?


It’s easy enough to make and very tasty.

4 ounces of dark chocolate
4 Clementines
Sea salt

Cut chocolate into small pieces and melt using the double boiler method.


Peel Clementines and set aside.
Dip parts in chocolate and put them on a cookie sheet on a piece of parchment paper.
Sprinkle sea salt over the chocolate dipped ends and put cookie sheet in fridge to cool down.

The night I made these Himself and I devoured at least 6 pieces each.
The combo of the citrus and the rich chocolate paired with the salt makes them really tasty.
I might try to add a little chili powder in the next batch.


ps, the French patron Saint for December 16th is St. Adelaide.
Among a lot of things she is responsible for is being the Saint to Parents.
During the holidays don’t we need a little chocolate to get us parents

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