Wednesday Funnies.

I’ve been away from the blog a little bit.
Seems like from time to time I need to regroup and find new material.
I want to keep bringing you tasty food and silly gadgets.

It’s been pretty busy in my home-life lately. Despite losing my primary part-time job I’ve been filling in here and there at the customer support side of the company.
It’s been a mixed bag to be frank but it supports the yarn habit.

I added volunteer work to the mix, 20 years ago I volunteered for a year at an educational farm as a farm guide and right after I was let go there was an ad on the radio asking for new volunteers.
I applied and I’ve been there for 4 weeks now, first 2 weeks training and now leading little groups of pre-k to kindergarten around.
I teach them about the food and plants in the garden and we visit all the farm animals.

Added to that is the fact that starting next week I head into entertaining territory. First BubbleWrapBoy (he really needs a new nickname) will turn 15. Then there’s Halloween and before you know it Thanksgiving!

I’m going to leave you with two funnies, all about bacon.

See you soon!

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