H2O anyone?

For years I’ve had to take medication for a dead thyroid right at the crack of dawn.
I was very happy with my big 12 ounce glass with lid until DizzyIzzy my 85 pound Bouvier des Flandres decided to take matters in her thirsty paws and knock it off the bed side table.
I then started using a plastic cup with a straw. However we are experiencing the worst ant invasion in many years and I woke up one morning to many ants taking a dip in my cup.

At a recent shopping trip to Target I found this

With the cup taken off.

My love for Matrushka dolls dates back to my parents having one and when I was little I played with it and my Girl shares the same fondness.
So far I’ve used it for over 2 weeks and no swimming ants.

Here are a few more hydrating ways.

Poor snowman!

Love this one and might have to get it soon.

All products from Fredandfriends.com


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