Hello World!

This last week has been a little bit..well challenging would be a good way to start to describe it.
Since losing my job in July, I got downsized, I’ve made it a point to have goals every day and not to just flounder around aimlessly.
Having a hobby in all things fiber (and that’s not dietary fiber but rather more of the animal source such as sheep fleeces and yarn) I can entertain myself greatly.

I’m trying real hard not to feel too indulgent about it all but right now it’s all I got to get me from waking up to bedtime.

However, somewhere right before losing job #1 I got roped into subbing for job #2.
This is a customer service job and I do love it.
So the cord with work did not get cut completely after all.

This last week was the last full week with my Girl, she is leaving for college (sophomore) on Thursday.
I had all week off and she was at work. The whole week felt like a holding pattern for this week that is going to bring so many changes.

I could have blogged more but there was no inspiration, there was time enough but what was I going to share with you?

I’m excited though, I have a gadget post for this week, a new veggie recipe and I finally broke away from commercial Cioppino and made my own version that was so good!

I’m reaching out to you the reader to tell me what you’d like to see made and blogged.
Come on! give me a challenge!

Until then, Enjoy!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. alisonatintuit
    Aug 20, 2012 @ 11:56:31

    Love that you are embracing the world as it is today, while creating what you want it to be tomorrow! Give said girl a hug from her across the sea auntie, and keep finding ways to smile and make us smile!!


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