When a recipe fails.

I got my Food Network magazine the other day and it had a booklet “50 things to grill in foil”.
I love all things BBQ and reading through it I found Paella. It looked good, it looked simple. It was dinner I decided.
What happened next was sad sad sad.
Yes,that bad.

I assembled all the ingredients into the suggested disposable pan and set it on the grill.
It was supposed to take only 30 minutes and I checked it after 15 minutes.
It seemed to be cooking but the rice mix was both crunchy and becoming a gel.
Stirred, covered and poured myself a glass of wine.

10 minutes later the rice was still undercooked and it looked like paste.
It also was salty as all out.

This is where I poured myself another glass of wine and cooked a cup of rice on the stove.
I was hoping the regular rice would take the salt out (it did) and that it would make the dish less like glue and more like Paella (it did not).

After an hour all of it was cooked but it was not a success. The flavors saved it but there was no seconds for all of us and I had to throw it out.

Will I cook Paella on the BBQ again?
Maybe but not anytime soon.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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