Experiment, successful.

I had this lovely head of lettuce but it got overlooked and was a bit sad looking by the end of the week.
Not wanting to toss it out I looked around on the Interwebs for a recipe that could save my produce.
When we lived in France my favorite salad was Salade Lyonaisse.
It’s a wilted salad as but because you use curly sturdy lettuce it stayed pretty firm and crunchy.

Calling it an experiment in cooking I decided to try my hand at a wilted salad with my poor head of lettuce.
The salad I made turned out surprisingly well and did not disappoint,for sure a recipe I’ll be making more often.

Wilted lettuce with Bacon

1 head of lettuce, do not use butter or iceberg, I used a red-green variety

Thick sliced bacon, 4 slices per person
1 tbs vinegar
1 tbs lemon juice
1 boiled egg per person
Cut the bacon up in big pieces and cook until crispy, set aside
Add vinegar, lemon juice to the bacon drippings
cut lettuce up into bits and pour dressing from pan over lettuce.
Shake the bowl a bit to evenly coat the lettuce
Add bacon and offer the egg on the side.

You can half the amount of bacon drippings by pouring some out before adding the other ingredients if you don’t want too much of it.
But it is delicious!



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