Easy ribs, no BBQ needed.

I love ribs, the meaty fall apart smokey aspect of it.
The first time I started with one slab of extra meaty baby back ribs weighing about 3 pounds, for 4 people. Seemed to me it would be plenty for 2 adults and two kids. Well a few weeks ago, overnight, someone switched my sparrow of an eater and replaced it with a bottomless pit of a child. He can’t stop eating protein. Paired with at least an inch or two of growth in length in 2 months it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve joked I’m raising my younger brothers rolled into one boy, and right now it’s true. So the second time around I added an extra 2.5 pounds. The leftovers were astounding! Seriously we fought over them!
This is truly an easy recipe, and even for 2 people one slab will yield lunch for the next day easily.

Crock pot ribs

(without leftovers)
2-3 pounds baby back ribs, extra meaty
your BBQ sauce of choice, did not measure just coated the ribs
Preheat your crock pot by turning it on high and adding about an inch of water in the pot, once you are ready for the meat discard the water.
Cut the ribs in pieces of about 4-5 ribs each, smaller if you have a crock pot under 6.5 quarts
cover with BBQ sauce on both sides.
stack ribs on their sides with the meaty parts for the first few hours, rotating them every hour. I know this is odd but they do not fit in the crock pot flat somehow.
after 5 hours you can stack the ribs flat, and turn the heat to low.
add a little more BBQ sauce if you want.
I found an awesome BBQ sauce I can eat because it has no gluten and no sugar!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bonnie
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 11:16:39

    Sounds yummy!!! 2 questions: stack them with the meaty part …..out? in? where? And, how long do you leave them on low (after the first 5 hours, turning them).


    • justthefoodpeople
      Apr 21, 2012 @ 21:12:28

      Bonnie I set them upright in the crock pot. If you have crock pot big enough you could cut them in bits and cook them facing down.
      Normally I leave them an hour and a half on high.


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