Cooking block of sorts

The age old question “what do you want to have for dinner” doesn’t really come up in my house.
I do the planning and shopping.
And the cooking, that’s a given.
Himself and the Boy only fend for themselves Thursday night when I go to my craft night.
And even then there are plenty of options in the freezer or fridge.

I don’t do all this because I’m super-mom/woman, I have been the cook since early on in our relationship because (as Himself pointed out) “you can cook, if it were for me we’d eat poorly”.

I enjoy cooking and since the blog started I’ve expanded my cooking repertoire by quite a bit.
I want to offer tasty, easy food and with that comes the question “what food do I blog about today”
Sometimes it comes super easy and I’ll be able to blog while standing in line at the grocery store.
Most of the times I see a recipe, try it out and blog about it.
There have been a few times the recipe looked good but the flavors fell short and I needed to re-make it.
And then there are few lapses where I just don’t have a clue.

This is where YOU come in, what do you want to eat?
Pretend you’ll be sitting at my dinner table, it holds 10 after all, and you’ll be having dinner with us.

Thanks to this nifty little map WordPress shows me every day I know I have readers in far of places such as India,Poland, Italy and Indonesia!

Speak up and help me out!

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