Pesto Chicken

Himself bought this rather big jar of Pesto at Cost-Co. Because it is without preservatives it needed to be frozen while half full.
It’s taking up part of a drawer in the freezer and it needs to be used.
I looked around on the interwebs and found the perfect recipe that will use up all of it.

Oven baked Pesto Chicken

1 chicken breast per person, cut in strips about 2 inches wide
1/2 cup pesto sauce, make your own or store bought
1/2 cup mozzarella cheese

Preheat oven to 373/190
In an ovenproof dish spread half of the pesto on the bottom
layer with chicken
spread remaining pesto on chicken
cover with foil and let bake for 25 minutes
remove foil and cover chicken with cheese
allow cheese to melt
if you have a broiler use it to give the cheese a bit of browning.




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