There is one thing Himself excels at and that is sauces, cold, for when we eat mussels.
I don’t even try to make any, he has the kitchen when they are needed.
Today I present you with his tried and true trio of sauces.


All sauces start with a base of 3 table spoons of mayonnaise and one table spoon of yogurt.
You can add more mayo and yogurt but be careful to not make it too acidic by adding too much yogurt.
Make a batch or make individual servings.

Garlic and parsley

Mayo- yogurt mixture
2 cloves garlic pressed
1 tsp parsley

Mix well and let stand

Curry sauce

Mayo-yogurt mixture
1 drop hot sauce
2 tsp curry

Mix well and let stand

Cognac sauce

Mayo-yogurt mixture
2 tsp paprika
1 tsp cognac or brandy

Mix well and let stand

I’ve made these sauces with dill and garlic too.

Perfect for mussels or with grilled meat.



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