What’s in your fridge?

Himself has been trying to get me to empty the freezer, he says it’s too full with “stuff”.
He has a point, I’m a bit of a food hoarder but all of it gets cooked/eaten over time.

I thought I’d share what is in my freezer/fridge that are my must-have’s and just in case foods.

Blueberries , frozen they keep for quite a long time. (store in a good container!)
I had 3 big containers full from a trip to a berry farm. They still taste as sweet as they did last summer.

Piecrust, though I prefer my quiche to be crustless, my boys don’t and in a pinch I can defrost a crust and make a quick quiche with eggs and bacon.

Bacon, when it’s on sale I buy an extra pack and freeze it.

Cut-up leeks, with one person less to cook for I overbought. They are good in Split pea soup or as an addition to a stir fry.

Chocolate, does it need an explanation? I freeze it for portion control. Cold hard chocolate is less likely to be wolfed down fast.

Sauteed onions, if you have to cut up onions you might as well add one or two to the pan and save it for a quick onion soup.

Potstickers, easy go to lunch or snack. Himself and the Boy go through a bag a week.

Pesto, I tend to make a big batch because Basil leaves come in such a big bundle and I can’t seem to keep them from wilting over time.
I freeze them in ice cube holders and then transfer them to a container.
They are easy to use, 2 or 3 cubes in pasta.

I don’t keep a lot of proteins in the freezer because it tends to burn the meat and I don’t like to eat previously frozen meat.
The exception is sausage and chicken.

I have both as back-up proteins in the freezer, it has happened that the meat I intended to cook had gone bad or we got dinner guests and it wasn’t enough.
Plan B is to quickly defrost chicken or sausage and we’re good to go.

Next time I’ll tell you all about my fridge must haves!


ps, what is in your freezer you must have at hand?
We own a standup freezer and I’d love to get a small one for the garage but Himself is against it.
Probably worried I’d fill it even more!

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