A healthy lunch

I went for an amazing hour walk with a friend today, just on the Middle School track nothing fancy but it was a very good walk.
We walked close to 4 miles in about an hour.
We talked about getting healthier and losing weight.
I have been lagging badly with regards to exercise because of both the Achilles’s either partly torn or with tendonitis.
2 weeks ago I also had the worst low blood sugar issues so I started cracking down on my foods.
I stopped eating anything with wheat in it and not surprisingly by early last week it all evened out and I wasn’t tired and as protein hungry anymore.

After my walk I had a snack, did some work and thought about lunch.
An easy solution would be to go and get a burger, hold the bun, but a look in my pantry yielded a can of Alaskan pink Salmon.
Decision was made to make Salmon Salad.

Growing up both Himself and I have eaten this many times, either as an appetizer at a birthday party or as a salad on Sunday served with toast.
There is always a can of salmon in a Dutch person’s pantry I believe.

Easy,fast and best of all clean Low Carb.

Oma’s Salmon Salad:
1 can pink salmon
1 tbs yogurt
2-3 tbs mayonaise (I use unsweetened)
pepper to taste, I don’t add salt because the salmon is salty enough
pinch of dill

Open can and drain salmon
On a plate take bones and skin out (I don’t like bones in my salad)
put salmon in a bowl with all the other ingredients and mix well
Chill for a few minutes
I used half an avocado as a “bowl” for my salad.

Traditionally this dish is served with egg slices and pickles (cornichons)



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