But do you really need it?

Give me a crown and call me the Gadget Queen.
I love cooking stores, so much to look at and want.
My oldest always sets a time limit because otherwise I will take a very slow approach to looking and making sure I’m not missing anything.
Some people get miffed if they get kitchen ware, me not so much.
For Christmas my Lovely Children bought me smiley face spatulas and my big Dutch oven and I was over the moon.

Himself decided to make space for my Fiesta Bowls he gave me for Christmas and glanced in the cupboard underneath the glass cabinet.
Big. Mistake!


While it’s clear we have plenty plates should we *ever* need to host a dinner party for, say 50,we’re set but there is some definite clutter to be had.

So here is the Question of the Day,
What kind of gadgets/cooking ware do you really need

This is a bit of a tricky question because “need” is a cloudy subject.
An appliance or gadget might seem overkill if you live on your own, don’t cook much or don’t have the space for it.
For example, a Kitchenaid stand mixer has been taking up a sizable chunk of counter in my kitchen. I use it at least once or twice a month.

It’s not something I’d recommend getting unless you are a crazy baker and need a lot of uses out of it.
I do love this appliance because I’m hoping either Himself, College Girl or The Boy get the hint I want the sausage making kit that is waiting at the store for me.

Another consideration is ease of cleaning.
I have a juicer that is a pain to clean, yet we use it and keep grumbling over how it can’t be put in the dishwasher.

So here is my list of things I’d need if I was in someone else’s kitchen.

Spatula’s (really!)
Wire whisk, I’ve seen these silicone ones out there that blow my mind.

They are lovely but I want my stainless steel one. One big and one small.
Early on in my cooking education we were using whisks the size of small toddlers, as an average height girl I needed a step stool and a whole lot of elbow grease to stir the gigantic pot of food with that.
Major benefit is I have stirring endurance and the upper arms to show for it.

Wooden spoons Since Silicone Spatula’s have become so durable I rarely use a wooden spoon anymore.
But they are handy and you could always use them to rap on fingers of (adults) trying to steal a taste.

Kitchen Tongs

When you are cooking meat you do NOT want to turn it with a fork.
Every time you pierce meat with a fork you are letting juices out, definitely need one with steak.
I have 2, a small one and a large one and I’m seriously wanting this one:

Cutting Boards

I started writing this blog post thinking that I’m low on cutting boards, one look in the drawer that holds them told me otherwise.
I have 7 in different sizes, small to large enough to hold a turkey.
I suggest 2 or 3.
Wood is good for meat, plastic for every day cutting.

To be continued next week!


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