Mix and Match

Over the weekend I found myself in not one but three cooking equipment stores/departments.
I have a lot of cooking “toys” and still covet more to take home and use.

I’m particularity fond of gadgets, raise your hand if you have at least 6 spatula’s.
According to my daughter no-one really does and I don’t need the orange with polka dots because I have the Breast Cancer Awareness one and that’s plenty color there.

I love, adore Fiesta Ware and I have a valid reason to add to the collection as it is our dinner ware and serving pieces.
At Macy’s this weekend this display had me captivated for close to 45 minutes, I have it this bad for the stuff.

Saturday I came home with 2 plates, a bowl and baking mixing bowls in a lovely Marigold. A color I do not have yet.
My friend asked me how many mixing bowls I had and I told her it depended on what material they were made out of.
I can justify all of them.

  • the glass ones for anything that needs it,
  • the 3 plastic ones for regular every day mixing, one I’ve had since 1980.
  • the (many) stoneware mixing bowls, just cause they were from France
  • the 2 or 3 metal bowls, just because
  • Clearly all wanted and needed, as are the two Fiesta bowls Himself is getting me for Christmas.

    I’m trying to come up with a spot to leave the Fiesta bowls out in the kitchen but haven’t found a spot for them yet that won’t take too much counter space.

    I was going somewhere with this post and it’s to introduce an equipment segment.
    If you have any questions about using certain utensils, cooking gadgets please feel free to comment here and I’ll answer it on Wednesdays.

    R. asked, I have thought about getting a stick blender, do I need to buy top of the line and what can I use it for?

    I’m on my 1st stick blender in 5+ years,it was a grand total of $10 at Walgreens and I love it.
    I use mine for blending soups, whipping up cream or sauces.
    I think spending around $10-$30 is plenty for this tool.
    My blender has taken some hits lately and I’m thinking of replacing it with this

    G. asked, Do I need a special pan to make quiche?

    It’s nice if you have a quiche dish but you can make quiche in any low pan if you don’t.
    If you have a muffin tin either line the tin with paper muffin cups or grease with butter.
    Any oven proof dish can be used as well.

    I would suggest you buy a quiche pan, it can be used for a lot of foods. I have 4 (but use them all, honestly) and I use them for fries, serving foods or pie.
    This one makes me happy.


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