Mixing up lunch

In the past few days I’ve been around people eating deviled eggs for lunch.
And seriously wanting to make them but had no time or ambition to do so.

I needed a new recipe and I wanted to make an egg salad in place of deviled eggs.
So my mind started to make up flavors.
Eggs, yes.
Mayo, of course.
A bit boring, and then I remembered I had pepper bacon in the fridge.
So with a little tasting and tweaking here is my contribution to the blog for Saturday.

Bacon Egg salad.

2 eggs per person (I used 6)
3 slices of bacon, I had peppered thick bacon from the butcher.
1 small shallot
2 table spoons mayo
1 teaspoon mustard (NOT the yellow kind!)
pepper to taste

Cook eggs until hard boiled, shock them by putting them under cold running water and peel.
Place eggs in fridge to cool
Cut bacon in small chunks
Cut shallot.

In a hot pan cook bacon until crispy, turn down heat and allow shallot to caramelize.
Drain fat and let bacon and shallots on paper towel cool as well.

Mix mayo, mustard and spices together.
Cut eggs in parts, add bacon and shallots to mayo mixture and mix well with eggs.
Let stand in fridge for 15 minutes so the flavors can mix.

I like to eat those little cornichons with my eggs.



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