Holding on to summer with the grill.

I’ll grill anytime, I don’t care that it is September and that the mornings and evenings are getting chillier.
My grocery store had Red bell peppers for sale, 4 for $1. Talk about a bargain!

I bought 5, lost one to Boy who Eats a Lot.

4 went on the grill and when they were done there was a colorful, vitamin rich vegetable.

Grilled Bell Pepper Salad.

1 Bell pepper per person if large, otherwise 1 small per person.
1 tbs olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
paper bag

Turn heat on high on BBQ
Turn heat to medium and put peppers on grill.
Char each side (all 4) this will take about 30 minutes
Put bell peppers in paper bag and close.
Bell peppers will continue cooking in bag.
Once the peppers are cooled off peel skin off peppers and discard seeds
Add olive oil,add garlic and seasonings.

If you have no BBQ the broiler in the oven works too, same rules apply.



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