About me…

My friend suggested I put up a little bio about me.
I wasn’t intending that when I started the blog but she had a point.

My readers might like to know who I am.

So here goes…
Here’s me, still not fully vested in showing the whole old face.
I am holding my two favorite kitchen tools, whisk and knife. Leave me on a deserted island and that’s all I need besides salt and a spatula.

Born and raised in the Netherlands my mom was your typical cook, meat potatoes and veggies. My dad was an excellent re-heater of my mom’s food.
Nothing great but as kids we never were hungry or wanted for anything.

I had an “uncle” who was a cook at the Train Station in Amsterdam.

I remember walking with my best friend to visit him and he’d always give us Fries with Mayonnaise.
The place has always held my imagination, when I visited as an adult a year ago I recaptured the feeling of glamour all over!

Ultimately I went to an accelerated course at the Culinary School in Amsterdam fully intending to become a dietician down the line.
I learned all there was to know about cooking at the school and then went to work in a nursing home kitchen for the following 1.5 years.
Sadly I was “let go” 5 months before I got my degree and I never went back to school to complete my schooling.

We moved from the Netherlands to Lyon and that is where my palate developed even more.
Lyon is the food capitol of France and we ate our way through the cuisine over the next 3.5 years.

How I loved the food there!
And then we moved to the US where my schooling became very valuable in creating the food I loved from back home.
I DETESTED the food here, never having had much of a sweet tooth everything tasted sweet and I was so used to certain foods that I could not get back then.
This was before “ethnic” food was big, we didn’t have a Starbucks on every corner and Whole Foods was out of our reach.
Slowly we got used to the food and the ingredients available and I learned a new skill set with my cooking.

I still love cooking and people started to ask me for recipes. At the grocery store, in line at the bank or even at my dentist office!
This blog was born as a way to show ANYONE how to cook simple food and yet have it look good and taste good.
My family loves new recipes and food so they are excellent guinea pigs.
In a way it is a science experiment and so far I’ve been enjoying it greatly.

My family consist of Resident Teen (17) and Little Man (13) as well as Himself.
When HS and I met in 1983 he knew I could cook, we weren’t dating but floor mates in Student Housing and he did a fair amount of cooking for the few girls I met before we started dating.
As soon as we started dating his cooking skills withered. Recently however he did start cooking dinner out of necessity after I had surgery on my foot and was laid up for 3 months.
His recipes come by occasionally, he makes a mean Fritatta.

Himself has only twice in our 28 years together said “no” to some dishes.
Once when a dish was so against his taste, Braised Endive with bacon, he went and got Chinese food.
The other incidence was when I tried to throw a meal together from steak and sauerkraut.
In my defense I didn’t know I was pregnant and had no taste or desire to make food.

Most of my recipes take a little preparation, cook up fast. Sometimes I will have slow cooker foods, soups or foods that can be prepped the night before.
I don’t cook low-fat, be warned.
And I do try to avoid white carbs as much as possible.
Everything I post is for 4 persons, however with Resident Teen soon to be College Kid and out of the house I’ll scale it down to 3 which makes it for 2 plus leftovers.
All the food I post has been taste tested twice or if it is an old recipe cooked by heart.

Please feel free to leave comments and


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  1. Joy Baum
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 21:55:16

    Thanks for sharing!


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