On the shelf.

I love cook books, and read them as if they are short stories.
Short delicious stories.
I have a few books and Himself (the husband) made my day a few months ago by taking them all out of storage where they had been languishing for almost 6 years.
Among them is the cook book that started it all, my culinary school course book.

It’s the green one and it was a hard book for me to work through, it’s all techniques and you had to pass each section before you were allowed to move on to the next.
Somehow I never made it through as fast as my co-students.
Looking back I was a tiny thing in 1977 and even though I could peel 30 pounds of potatoes just as fast as them my size was against me.

My current collections is a bit eclectic, *yes* I own an Atkins book as well as a South Beach diet book.
There was a time I was told to lower my carbs and it was a totally unknown territory for me so I bought the books.

As a knitter as well I have some knitting books, however it seems by looking at this picture that shelf doesn’t get as much respect as the cook book one.


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