Trout Almondine.

A fish we didn’t start eating until we moved to the US was Trout. My mother was not the kind of cook to branch out towards the more “uncommon” fish recipes. I did learn how to cook it in Culinary School but with Trout being a bit more expensive in the Netherlands and my family’s palate it wasn’t a staple dish.

Himself and I ate our fair share of Trout in the early days of our marriage. However, when I got pregnant with Resident Teen I did not want to clean, cook or eat fish that had it’s head on at the time. Oh and the fins? Shudder!

Looking for an alternative to cod (yet again) I pondered Salmon, Tuna and settled on Trout. It was on sale and the fish guy was willing to take the head off for me. I also had him cut the fish lengthwise in half.

Trout Almondine

2 trout (1 if only for 2 people)
1 stick butter
5 tbs sliced almonds
juice from a small lemon
1tbs chopped parsley
salt and pepper to taste
saute trout in 1/2 stick butter on both sides until golden brown
transfer to an ovenproof dish and keep warm
add the rest of the butter and brown the almonds in the butter
add lemon juice to almonds
salt and pepper lightly

Sprinkle the parsley on top and pour sauce over fish.
Serve immediately


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