And the Mystery food for today is…..

A bit of a backstory as to why I picked this ingredient today.

I was raised by a mother who was Catholic, on Holidays and Fridays.
There were certain foods you just ate on Friday and that was fish.
For the first 16 years of my life it had been that tradition, never really challenged it, fish was for Friday.
Sadly I can’t tell you the dishes I remember her making with fish, I faintly remember fish fingers and store bought fish and chips.

For a while, early in our marriage, I lapsed and did away with the fish on Friday but for the last 10 years or so it has come back.
We have eaten the traditional fish and chips, steamed mussels,dabbled in shrimp kebabs and seared Ahi Tuna.

In August we went on a trip to the ocean and Little Man and his dad went fishing and came home with 22 fish, making that 44 filets of various sizes.
Forty Four filets of fish, that’s 10 pieces per person to be consumed and some of the filets weigh more than 8 ounces each.
6 weeks later and we’ve eaten cod almost every Friday.
For my Mystery Food I chose, Cod.
After all it is taking over the freezer for a grand total of 2 drawers.

I was in Trader Joe’s and wandering the aisles as to what my flavors were going to be. I knew I wanted Blue Cheese of some kind and something to tone it down.
The almonds were an afterthought to make it look pretty.

Cod with Blue cheese.
For 4 people:

12-16 ounces True Cod or Rock Cod
2.5 ounces Blue cheese, Stilton, Danish Blue
4 ounces of Creme Fraiche or
Sour Cream but use less and use 3 ounces of Blue Cheese.
1/2 cup to 3/4 Cup sliced almonds, I like the ones with the skin on them
Parsley for decoration

Wash the fish and dry it.
Preheat oven to 325.
Mix Creme Fraiche and Blue Cheese until it becomes a paste.
Spread the mixture over the fish, I try not to get the edges. It will melt and coat the rest of the fish.
Sprinkle with almonds, use as much as you want.

Bake the fish for 20 minutes, less for thin pieces.
Fish should be flaky, so check it after 15 minutes.
The cheese will melt but should not burn.

Any side dish is good, we eat beets with it and my carbo-peeps like potatoes.


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